"Our experience with Harrell Remodeling was outstanding and sets a very high bar for your competitors! The quality of the work reflected both depth of knowledge and experienced craftsmanship. As project leaders, Kristen and Marshall were both outstanding. Their responsiveness, attention to detail and unfailingly polite approach in the inevitably stressful situations were exemplary. We are the only people I know who miss having their contractor around! -Carol N. Palo Alto 

"Service has been great! We had the site visit recently. I was very impressed with how organized and efficient the team was. I feel like I am in great hands." -Vickie F. Palo Alto

"Things are looking great in the garage. The new “Volt” (electric car) has taken up residence there and is enjoying fast Level II charging courtesy of the electrical upgrade. The cabinets look great with the painted floor and everything seems to be in order. The Cobalt solar system is running the PGE meter backwards if there is sunshine, and it supplies more than enough total power to compensate for the added load of the e-car. There is no one other than you and your team that I would rather work with lifting the Tormach into place, but that is well beyond the scope of work we discussed. I will build the base next week (hopefully) and lift the mill into place probably a week from this weekend. After it is wired and up and running safely I hope you and Jason will stop by for a machine and e-car demo as well as a small celebration… Thanks for all of your excellent work. We had heard many good things about Harrell and this project has met or exceeded all of our expectations." -homeowner, Stanford/Palo Alto

"Dear Iris, Ed and I were so pleased to be invited to your fabulous 25th anniversary party. It was terrific-great company and food, entertainment, and the infectious joy you spoke of-all in the bosom of your forever home. We congratulate you and your colleagues for building and enhancing your successful business over the years. We are so delighted with our remodeled home, made possible by so many experts, most especially Genie Nowicki, whose charming personality and skill are golden, and Scott Kobyluk whose rock-of-Gibraltar dependability and unflappability we really appreciate. Those who have visited say our remodeled home possesses elegance, character, and comfort, but the overall effect not overdone. Some have asked if they could move into our master bath shower! That says it all. Thank you again for such a competent, fun-filled remodeling journey. Warm wishes. EJ/PR."

"Eric and I love our home. We are so glad it was built by Harrell Remodeling. It’s a place of great joy and beauty. Every time we walk up our front steps, or run, we do so with eagerness." -Menlo Park Homeowner

"I would like to thank you, Iris, and all the other people from your firm for an incredible job on my new home office. All of the folks I worked with were courteous, conscientious and kept their commitments. Wow! My office is beautiful. I will sing your praises to all who will listen. Once again, thank you for a job well done." -Mt. View Homeowner

"We thoroughly enjoy the new look and function of our remodeled home. Because of your team’s focus on quality and responsiveness, including your subcontractors, the stress of remodeling was greatly reduced. Many of our neighbors made comments as to the neatness of the job site and the consideration that your team had for minimizing the intrusiveness of a large project." -Palo Alto Homeowner

"As you know, we’re extremely happy with the Mora Court project. The pace, the finish quality, the coordination and timing - all have been exemplary. Underlying that, the personal and professional integrity of management, staff and subcontractors provides reassurance during what might otherwise be a stressful time. Communications in all directions are very thorough." -Los Altos Hills Homeowner

"Michael and I wanted to let you know that we had our first major entertaining event last weekend with a party for my library staff. This was a test of how well we did planning the kitchen/family room and you will be glad to hear that it totally worked! The traffic flowed, there was enough counter space, there were no awkward traffic spots and everything felt open and comfortable. Everyone was very impressed with the remodel and I spent a lot of time showing off various features to the guest." -Sunnyvale Homeowner

"I do want you to know and to pass on to everybody connected with our project that Rick and I could not be happier. The quality of work and the progress of the project is incredible. Your (everybody at Harrell) work has been outstanding. Our house is shaping up to be beyond our dreams—thank you." -Mt. View Homeowner

"On Thanksgiving Day we received many compliments on our new kitchen and the outdoor projects. We’re proud to entertain, and each time we do, I think about you, Kai, John, and the many others who pulled this off. Thanks to all!" -Los Altos Homeowner

"As we near the holidays I will take this opportunity to tell you (Genie) and Kai that I am grateful for you and the wonderful work you do—your fine service to us Lonergans goes well beyond what I would describe as remodeling. You help us improve our lives and fulfill our homes and dreams through making our home better. THANKS for being such wonderful people." -Woodside Homeowner

"I wanted to let you (Iris) know what a great job Lisa and Jack are doing on my remodel. As we both know, these are complex projects with a lot of variables. But Lisa and Jack are both well organized, good listeners, and good communicators so that I always know what’s coming and what the trade-offs are. Additionally, the workmanship and attention to detail of the entire team has been outstanding. The result has been a lot of trust and very few headaches. And we are having fun!" -Portola Valley Homeowner

"The ‘Harrell Crew’ was the best contractor we’ve ever had in our home! In addition, everyone was careful and respectful of my allergies and asthma and did extra prep work & careful clean-up to minimize problems for me." -Palo Alto Homeowner