About Us

At Harrell Remodeling, values aren’t something we merely talk about. They drive everything we do. Our values are the foundation of our commitment to our clients, as well as our collaborative, growth-oriented work environment, and appreciation for our co-workers. A Strong Foundation More than 30 years ago, our founder Iris Harrell began laying the groundwork for the type of company that Harrell Remodeling would become. With solid values in place from the beginning, Harrell Remodeling was able to grow into a team of individuals mutually dedicated to the same goal: To create a predictably successful (and even enjoyable) home remodeling experience. A Commitment to Respect Harrell Remodeling’s culture is known for its respect for people of all ages, race, gender and sexual orientation. We know that talent comes in many forms, and we encourage diversity throughout our company. We find that something wonderful happens when we team up talented people and treat them with care and respect, they pass along that respect to our clients. Not all contractors are concerned about the things we worry about for our clients (like making sure your pets are safe and secure!).  It’s not just a jobsite for us because “We never forget it’s your home”. Employee-Owners With a collaborative work environment where everyone’s contribution is appreciated, Harrell Remodeling attracts new employees who thrive in this environment. Each employee owner is encouraged to pursue education, learn from one another, grow together and stay. To further encourage employee involvement, Harrell Remodeling has become a 100% employee owned company.  Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan encourages employees to act like owners, because they are owners.