Culture & Values

At Harrell Remodeling, values aren’t something we merely talk about. They drive everything we do. Our values are responsible for our commitment to a collaborative, growth-oriented work environment, ongoing appreciation for our co-workers and honest consideration for our clients.

A Strong Foundation

More than 25 years ago, our founder and CEO Iris Harrell began laying the groundwork for the type of company that Harrell Remodeling was to become. With solid values in place from the beginning, Harrell Remodeling was able to grow in a positive direction, blossoming into a team of individuals mutually dedicated to the same ideals: To let their shared values and nurturing culture, create a thoroughly inspiring home remodeling experience.

A Commitment to Respect

Harrell Remodeling is distinguished by its commitment to showing respect and consideration for people of all ages, race, gender and sexual orientation. We know that talent comes in many forms, and we encourage diversity throughout our company. We find that something wonderful happens when we team up talented people and treat them with care and respect, they pass along that respect to our clients. Not many contractors are concerned about the things we worry about for our clients (like who lets out the cat). It may be a jobsite to us, but we know it’s your home.

Employee Owners

Having created a collaborative work environment where everyone is appreciated, Harrell Remodeling attracts new employees who thrive in this environment. Staff is encouraged to learn from one another, grow together and stay for the long haul. To support this vision, Harrell Remodeling is becoming an employee-owned company. We offer an Employee Stock Ownership Plan, providing employees with the opportunity to own a piece of the company.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

We are wholly dedicated to the individuals who make Harrell Remodeling a success. To prove this, we became the first remodeling company in Northern California to offer our team an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2001. The ESOP provides Harrell Remodeling employees the opportunity to become owners of the company. Such an incentive gives employees a true stake in the reputation and success of the company. When employees are personally invested in the longevity of a company, the company thrives and succeeds. The results speak for themselves at Harrell Remodeling. As CEO, Iris Harrell is certain that by working side-by-side with the Harrell Remodeling team, now co-owners; she allows her legacy and people-oriented vision to live on through her company’s future endeavors.