Meet Harrell Remodeling Designer Angela Rasmussen

Joining Harrell Remodeling, Inc. after running her own award-winning Design + Build company for over a decade, designer Angela Rasmussen is always thinking of the next big idea. An entrepreneurial innovator known for her “hustle and creativity,” Angela is inspired by designing homes where function is just as important as beauty.

Growing up in Washington state, Angela possessed an innate ability to view the world in a uniquely imaginative way. Initially pursuing a degree in photography as a way to channel her talents, in 2004 she decided to redirect her creativity into designing beautiful homes. Following the sunshine and with $400 in her pocket, she relocated to the Bay Area and enrolled in West Valley College’s acclaimed Interior Design Program.

After flipping a few homes, in 2009 Angela decided to launch her own Design + Build company in Silicon Valley. “From a very young age, I realized that we have choices in life to do and be anything we want if we simply muster the up the drive and put in the work. I made a conscious decision to overcome my fears and expand my abilities.”

Her favorite projects are those in which she is able to make small spaces feel larger. “I love the challenge of reimagining an existing footprint to make a small room feel expansive,” Angela says. She also specializes in integrating technology and enhancing living spaces by incorporating lighting design.

As life often does, it took a sharp turn, allowing Angela to once again reinvent her career path. Angela’s favorite quote is one of her own, and one that she took to heart during this time of turbulence. “Life as you know it is merely a manifestation of your conditioned perception. Bend it to your will.”

When the opportunity arose to join Harrell Remodeling in 2019, Angela jumped at the chance. “Harrell has always been my former company’s main competitor and I’ve always respected their work,” explains Angela. “As an entrepreneur, the company’s employee ownership format appealed to me. Being a part of a cutting-edge team that appreciates design and works collaboratively is incredibly attractive.”

Known for her drive, integrity, transparency, and ability to achieve amazing results, Angela brings her multi-faceted Design + Build experience to the Harrell team. “I’m not just here to do a job,” Angela states. “I am always trying to out-do myself, create better design, build a better business, provide better service and communication, and add technology to simplify processes.”

A social butterfly, Angela loves planning and hosting parties and events, and taking weekend RV excursions with friends, especially if that means heading to a warm, sunny beach. Her orange tabby, Raja, always greets her in the driveway when she returns home. An avid believer in continual personal growth, John Maxwell, a renown expert in leadership and business development, is one of her favorite authors and speakers.