The Yays and Nays of Wall Hung Vanities

Bathroom vanities add a distinct design aesthetic in addition to storage and counterspace that the majority of homeowners desire. Floor-mounted vanities have been the go-to for decades, but wall hung vanities are edging their way in as a more popular contender. They used to only work in a modern space but wall hung vanities have evolved considerably in appearance and flexibility.

“Wall mounted vanities are a hot home trend,” shares Harrell Remodeling award-winning designer, Sara Jorgensen. “They can be custom designed or for a more budget-friendly option, prefab vanities are great options. They fit beautifully in cozy powder rooms to spacious bathroom spaces and the variety of styles, colors, and countertop possibilities, you can create a custom feel for much less money.”

As with anything, this traction-gaining trend has its pros and cons. If you are contemplating a bathroom remodel and are intrigued with the sleek appearance provided by a wall hung vanity, take these points into consideration.


  • Streamlined, contemporary appearance: Thanks to their clean, minimalistic lines, wall hung vanities often have a modern feel, but they do come in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary. To give the piece a furniture-like appearance, legs can be added. Whether one chooses modern metal legs or classically traditional “feet,” this embellishment adds to the vanity’s aesthetic. If you want a traditional look, choose a traditional door style with recessed or raised door panels and avoid mounting it too high to give the illusion the vanity is actually is anchored.
  • Varying heights: Since these vanities don’t have to rest on the floor, they are able to be hung at whatever level best fits the homeowner’s needs, achieving a custom height without paying a premium for a custom cabinet. Additionally, height flexibility allows accessibility for all ages and abilities while specifying the correct vanity can provide a sink that can be easily used by those in a wheelchair.
  • Accent lighting: Another benefit of wall hung vanities is the ability to install lighting underneath, which can serve as accent illumination while soaking in the bathtub or providing a soft nightlight glow.
  • Illusion of spaciousness: Since the vanity exposes the flooring beneath, it creates a more expansive feel, an element that works exceptionally well in smaller bathroom spaces.
  • Tuck it away: Depending upon the height of the vanity, items, such as scales, can be tucked underneath rather than taking up space inside cabinets or being set in a corner. For a family with young kids, Sara loves tucking a step stool underneath, which alleviates tripping hazards.
  • Easier to clean: Mopping beneath a wall hung vanity is often easier than a floor mounted version.


  • More involved installation: Vanities that are mounted on the wall require more blocked in framing, which equates to installation that is slightly more involved and expensive.
  • Not designed to hold weight: Even when properly installed, a wall hung vanity cannot support the same amount of weight as a floor mounted vanity. This is something to consider if you have young children or people who might lean on the vanity for balance or support.
  • Less storage: Wall hung vanities tend to come in similar widths as their floor mounted counterparts, but they are typically shorter in height, which means less storage space. Adding in custom features can balance this disadvantage.
    Continuous flooring: If you’ve previously had a floor mounted vanity and want to install a wall hung version, having flooring that is finished beneath the cabinet is a must since it will be completely visible.

“There is a lot to love about wall hung vanities but there are always personal style and function considerations,” Sara explains.

Wondering if a wall hung vanity is workable in your bathroom remodel? Let one of Harrell Remodeling’s top-notch designers help you create a bathroom space that will fit your lifestyle and your budget. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Harrell Remodeling Inc. award-winning designer, Sara Jorgensen, artfully executes her clients’ design desires along with their functional needs. Sara brings a creative passion and, thanks to her authenticity and open style of communication, she provides an innate understanding of client needs to the Harrell Remodeling Design + Build team. “Some clients know their style. Others need inspiration. Through the design exercises in which my clients’ partake, we come easily to an understanding of their preferences. The ultimate goal is to create a beautiful, timeless, on-budget, and functional project,” says Sara. Sara works from a holistic viewpoint to the smallest of details that create the design’s ‘wow’ factor. Her work encompasses a wide variety of projects from Wine cellars, Yoga rooms, Master Suites, Kitchens, and Decks to whole house remodels. Her designs have won awards from the NKBA, NARI and National CotY. A Bay Area native, Sara holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design from San Jose State University. Sara is a California state Certified Interior Designer (CID) and a Certified Green Building Professional (CGBP). Outside of work, Sara enjoys kayaking, San Jose Sharks hockey, snowboarding, cycling, snowman building, spending time with family and relaxing outdoors. She is a proud committee member of the Santa Clara Valley Model T Ford Club and enjoys driving her Model T around California on various club tours.