Take a Peek Into Our Shower… Options!

When it comes to your bathroom remodel, designing a comfortable, functional yet beautiful and maybe even creative shower is probably at or near the top of your priority list. It’s one of the first things we do in the morning, and for some a necessary part of the ritual of waking up and facing the day. Choosing just the right materials, textures, colors, shower door and framing options can be one of the fun aspects of planning this part of your bathroom remodeling design for your unique San Francisco Bay Area home.

Sliding Door
One advantage to a sliding door is that it can move aside on rails or into a hidden wall pocket. For smaller bathroom spaces, a pocket that hides the door in a wall maximizes functional space and can be a sleek alternative  in smaller bathroom.

Hinged Door
A hinged door creates a more solid and defined enclosure. Metal or stone structures offer a more defined space. Hinged doors swing into the shower or out into the rest of the bathroom space, so be sure that there is ample room between the shower and the adjoining elements – you don’t want to open your shower door into your toilet or bidet.  Hinges can be attached to a wall or to a frame. Choose waterproof materials that are rust-free and low maintenance / easy to clean.

A shower without a frame opens up and gives the illusion of space, thus making a small to medium size bathroom feel larger.  It can also highlight any accents you have in the shower, such as mosaics, listellos and other tiling patterns. A custom designed tile pattern, whether simple or complex, can create just the right feel and enhance your bathroom and ensure it stands out among the hundreds of other beautiful bathrooms you may have seen throughout our San Francisco Bay Area.

Glass Types
There are several options in glass types for glass shower enclosures:

  • Frosted glass is a popular option for those who want added privacy. While this takes away from the open and spacious effect that comes with clear glass, it has the added effect of seclusion when you’re inside.
  • Cast or patterned glass is beautiful to look at, but may reduce the amount of light from inside the shower, but is an innovative privacy alternative to frosted glass. And with the advent of water-proof LED lighting, and specialty ligthing you can create a colorful or monochromatic lighting plan that can soothe or energize your shower experience while providing a solution to the lack of natural light.
  • Traditional tempered glass has a slightly green tint from its iron properties – this glass embraces a contemporary style/design or offers an opposing cool feeling to an otherwise warm-toned bathroom.   It can also lend itself to spa-like feel, and with the addition of some cucumber scented water, you may never wish to leave.
  • Clear glass (low-iron glass) is a popular choice for people who prefer a clear glass without the slight green tint. This is especially desirable for white or light motifs, or where there is a significant amount of color already in the bathroom, where the preference for the shower enclosure is that is fades quietly into the background.

For more information about choosing the right shower enclosures for your bathroom remodeling project in the San Francisco Bay Area, we would welcome you to give us a call, and speak with one of our knowledgeable design + build employee owners.