Yolanda Ng

Doctor-turned-Designer Yolanda Ng has loved design since she was in 6th grade. From the moment her art instructor explained the difference between design and decorating, Yolanda was hooked.

Not realizing the viability of design as a profession, Yolanda pursued medicine, becoming a Pediatric Nephrologist – a kidney doctor for kids. As she launched her career as a physician, her passion for design persisted. While working at a children’s hospital, Yolanda was intrigued by an extensive renovation project. After speaking to multiple people involved, she realized that design was a career where she could use her medical knowledge to curate beautiful and functional living spaces and interior environments that promote health and safety.

“That’s when I finally decided to go after my dream of becoming a designer,” shares Yolanda.

Yolanda attained her Associates degree in Interior Design with a certificate in architectural drafting from West Valley College. While working toward her degree, she was a member of West Valley’s Interior Design Club, serving as the Chairperson on the Resource Library and Communications Board from 2017-2021.

Before joining Harrell Remodeling, Inc., Yolanda began her design career in commercial design and contributed to over thirty projects of varying sizes over a three-year timeframe.

While volunteering for a Design For A Difference remodel project at Community Health Awareness Council in Mountain View, Yolanda met Harrell Remodeling, Inc. CEO Lisa Sten.

“Giving back to the community in a way that allows me to use my medical background along with my passion for evidence-based design is such an honor. Creating a space that improves the quality of life for those who work at or use the facility’s wellness resources is an incredible feeling.”

Yolanda’s profound interest in designing healthy homes was one of the reasons she joined the
Harrell Remodeling Design+Build team.

Her next goal is to become a California Certified Interior Designer (CID).

Born and raised in California, Yolanda lives in San Jose with her young and spunky daughter. Her favorite past times include enjoying the outdoors, exploring new places, and playing whatever game her imaginative child has made up.

Fun Fact:

At one point Yolanda lived in Seattle and resided on a 24’ sailboat moored on Lake Union!